Eco PMD Mosquito Repellent+Humidifier


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This product is suitable for outdoor use with 7 Colour Humidifier to protect against Mosquito Bite. 
Effective protection.
Active Ingredient 
PMD, Eucalyptus Citriodora oil 
Non Pesticide 
No Burning 
Plant origin (the only plant based Repellent) 
Non Toxic to Pets 
Suitable for pregnant women + small children

Air Humidifier Home Aroma Diffuser 7 Color Cup Ultrasonic Air Purifier Atomizer Car Humidifiers Purifiers 270ML 車載 加濕器 Manual
Please add water-soluble Eco PMD Mosquito Repellent and tap water or mineral water.
Water Soluble Natural 5ML Eco PMD Mosquito Repellent with 250ml water

Direction of use: ECO PMD MOSQUITO REPELLENT 250ml
Shake Before USE!!
Pour 5ml Eco PMD Mosquito Repellent with 270ml water into 7 Colour Humidifier  (8-12hours)
Pour 5ml Eco PMD Mosquito Repellent with 1L water  into Cosway CleenAire Revitalisor.
Pour 5ml Eco PMD Mosquito Repellent with 1L water  into REDBUZZ Watering Air Revitalisor Air Purifier, Aroma Diffuser Fresh Purifiers Air Filter Air Refreshe
Do not spray directly on face, mouth and food. 
Keep out of reach of children

How to use: 7 colour Humidifier
In default situation, click to turn on, it will work for 8 hours, 
click again to switch mode of batch-type, it will begin to work for 12 hours. 
Light: Press for 2s to turn on light, you will see the conversion of 7 colors, 
press for 2s again to choose the color of light you want, 
press for 2s to turn off. 
Packing List: Cotton Rod*1 Humidifier*1 USB line*1 
Capacity: 270ML
Volume of spray: 35ml-40ml/H 
Size: 70*70*150MM 
Material: ABS + PP + Silicone Net: 200G 
Mode: Speed 1: 6-7H 
Speed 2: 10H Batch-Type